Herb of the Day: Saxifrage

( Pimpinella Major )
Common name; Great Burnet
As the 16th century herbalist wrote,” Nicholas Culpeper that hie caustic observations about the practices of his time, the values he placed on his herbs and their medicinal values,” quote, ” It has the properties of the Parsleys, but eases pains and provokes urine more effectually.”
Saxifrage is found in the edges of woods and hedgebanks in the early summer.
It is an perennial that grows to about 3 feet with umbels of white flowers.

Medicinal uses are:The root is a powerful diuretic and useful to remove urinary tract stones. It is taken by decoction… 1 ounce of the root that is boiled in 1 1/2 pint of water until it will measure 1 pint, than taken in doses of 2 fl oz.
The seeds are anti-flatulent and is powdered and given in water for colicky wind. Burnet Saxifrage or Lesser Burnet is more popular with herbalists.

As always consult your doctor before using herbs because herbs are also medicine


Herb of the Day: Herb True-Love

herb true love

Herb True Love
( Paris Quadrifolia )
It is found in the woods and copses, on the boarders of fields and waste ground.

It is also called One-Berry and Herb Paris. It has a small creeping root which produces stems with leaves, some bearing berries. At the top are 4 leaves set like a cross or ribbon tied in a true-love’s knot and a yellowish=green star shaped flower., in the center of which forms the blackish-purple berry, the size of a grape and full of juice.
Although said to be an antidote to poison. True_Love is an emetic, narcolic, and aphrodisiac. A ointment made from the seeds has been used as an application to tumors. In small does the plant is antispasmodic, whereas in overdosage delirium and convulsions are produced. A tincture made from the fresh plant is used in homeopathic medicine for inflammation of the brain.

As always consult your doctor before self medicating ones self

Herb of the Day: Loosestrife


( Lysimachia vulgaris )
Some of us know this as the Yellow Willowherb or Yellow Loosestrife. It has several brown hairy stalks 2 feet high or more with pale green leaves and bright yellow flowers.
It flowers in the summer by the sides of rivers and other watery places.

Medicinal virtues… Given either to drink or taken by clyster, this herb is good for wounds that are bleeding. It stays also with the abundance of a women’s courses. If the herb is bruised and the juice is applied, than thus quickly will close up the lips of a wound.
Modern uses… It is an astringent which will check haemorrhaging from the nose and reduce menstrual bleeding. the whole herb is used when dried as an infusion in the proportions of.. 1 ounce to 1 pint of boiling water and given in does of 2 fluid ounces.

Herb of the Day: White Oak Bark

White Oak bark
( Quercus alba )
Its properties are , Astringent, antiseptic, diuretic

White Oak Bark is a strong Astringent that is used both internally and externally, it may be used for…. diarrhea, dysentery, hemorrhoids, menstrual problems with excessive bleeding hematuria, internal hemorrhaging, low grade fever, ulcerated bladder, goiter, neck problems, gallstones, and kidney stones.
Externally, it has been used for hemorrhoids, varicose veins, garglr/mouthwash for throat and mouth, leucorrhea, burns, sores, skin irritations, bruises, injuries, swollen tissues, bleeding, and to strengthen a loosened tooth.

There is a caution do not apply to extensively damage skin…

As a tea it taken for bleeding of the stomach, lungs, and rectum. It will stop spitting up of blood. It will increase the flow of urine and help remove gallstones and kidney stones. It will also clean the stomach.
Externally, the tea is good for bathing scabs, sores, poison oak, and insect bites. Soak a towel and tie over the weak vessels and broken capillaries. Excellent for varicose veins both internally and externally as a poultice. Use the fomentation and apply overnight to swollen glands, tumors, mumps, goiter, and lymphatic swellings.

Always ask your doctor before self medicating, HERBS ARE MEDICINE,

Aromatherapy: Rosaewood Oil

Rosewood Oil
( Aniba rosaeodora )

Most rosewood oil comes from Brazil, where it is distilled from rosewood tree. Although distillation from wild trees contributes to the destruction of the rainforest. Cultivated trees are also used in the making of rosewood essential oil. So it is best to keep this oil for special occasions.

Roswewood is annonirritant, nontoxic and nonsensitizing.

Properties are for uses:
It is a tonic and a immune stimulant, it is used for infections, viruses as cold,glandular fever, a mild pain killer and antidepressant and a aphrodisiac,. It is used as a tissue regenerator because it diminishes scars, wrinkles, and stretch marks. Being a gentle oil, rosewood benefits sensitive ot irritates the skin, and its antiseptic and bactericidal properties makes it suitable for acne and wounds. The oil is used to treat headaches, , and uplifting and comforting that helps balance the nervous system when stress

Herb of the Day: Sarsaparilla

( Smilax ornata )
Parts used: Root

Sarsaparilla is useful for skin eruptions, ringworm, rheumatism, arthritis, and gout. It coantains a hormone like substance which makes it good in glandular formulas. The tea will increase the flow of urine, break up gas, and taken hot it is a good diaphoretic for fevers. It is also good for eye wash. It is one of the best herbs to use for infants infected with venereal disease. Combine sarsaparilla with yellow dock and sassafras for a spring tonic, pustules and sores may be washed with a tea made from the root.

Properyies: Alterative, Carminative, Tonic, diaphoretic.
Uses are; blood, skin, circulation, and intestines
For internal use for… acne, blood purifier, boils, colds, fevers, heartburn, hot flashes, rheumatism, uric acid ( excessive ),
use external for, ringworm, sores and wounds, fomentation, wash with the decoction

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