Herb Recipe of the Day: Too-Heavy Periods Tincture

Every women experiences menstruation differently. For some , it is painless and predictable and for others is just plain misery. Some women looses very little blood, while others lose enough to bring in anemia, fatigue, and dizziness.

Blend this tincture and keep it on hand for times when your menstrual flow is
uncomfortably heavy.

Too- Heavy Periods Tincture
1 teaspoon shepherd’s purse tincture
1 teaspoon yarrow tincture
1/2 teaspoon red raspberry leaf tincture
1/2 teaspoon vitex tincture

Combine all of the ingredients in a dark glass jar with a tight lid.
Take 3 dropperfuls every 15 to 30 minutes for heavy bleeding, or 2 dropperfuls every hour for moderately heavy bleeding.
( If you can , try to buy shepherd’s purse tincture that is made from the fresh herb, because it looses some of its strength when it is dried.)

As always consult your doctor before self medicate ones self.


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