Herb of the Day: Saxifrage

( Pimpinella Major )
Common name; Great Burnet
As the 16th century herbalist wrote,” Nicholas Culpeper that hie caustic observations about the practices of his time, the values he placed on his herbs and their medicinal values,” quote, ” It has the properties of the Parsleys, but eases pains and provokes urine more effectually.”
Saxifrage is found in the edges of woods and hedgebanks in the early summer.
It is an perennial that grows to about 3 feet with umbels of white flowers.

Medicinal uses are:The root is a powerful diuretic and useful to remove urinary tract stones. It is taken by decoction… 1 ounce of the root that is boiled in 1 1/2 pint of water until it will measure 1 pint, than taken in doses of 2 fl oz.
The seeds are anti-flatulent and is powdered and given in water for colicky wind. Burnet Saxifrage or Lesser Burnet is more popular with herbalists.

As always consult your doctor before using herbs because herbs are also medicine


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