Herb of the Day: Herb True-Love

herb true love

Herb True Love
( Paris Quadrifolia )
It is found in the woods and copses, on the boarders of fields and waste ground.

It is also called One-Berry and Herb Paris. It has a small creeping root which produces stems with leaves, some bearing berries. At the top are 4 leaves set like a cross or ribbon tied in a true-love’s knot and a yellowish=green star shaped flower., in the center of which forms the blackish-purple berry, the size of a grape and full of juice.
Although said to be an antidote to poison. True_Love is an emetic, narcolic, and aphrodisiac. A ointment made from the seeds has been used as an application to tumors. In small does the plant is antispasmodic, whereas in overdosage delirium and convulsions are produced. A tincture made from the fresh plant is used in homeopathic medicine for inflammation of the brain.

As always consult your doctor before self medicating ones self


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