Herb of the Day: Loosestrife


( Lysimachia vulgaris )
Some of us know this as the Yellow Willowherb or Yellow Loosestrife. It has several brown hairy stalks 2 feet high or more with pale green leaves and bright yellow flowers.
It flowers in the summer by the sides of rivers and other watery places.

Medicinal virtues… Given either to drink or taken by clyster, this herb is good for wounds that are bleeding. It stays also with the abundance of a women’s courses. If the herb is bruised and the juice is applied, than thus quickly will close up the lips of a wound.
Modern uses… It is an astringent which will check haemorrhaging from the nose and reduce menstrual bleeding. the whole herb is used when dried as an infusion in the proportions of.. 1 ounce to 1 pint of boiling water and given in does of 2 fluid ounces.


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