Aromatherapy: Rosaewood Oil

Rosewood Oil
( Aniba rosaeodora )

Most rosewood oil comes from Brazil, where it is distilled from rosewood tree. Although distillation from wild trees contributes to the destruction of the rainforest. Cultivated trees are also used in the making of rosewood essential oil. So it is best to keep this oil for special occasions.

Roswewood is annonirritant, nontoxic and nonsensitizing.

Properties are for uses:
It is a tonic and a immune stimulant, it is used for infections, viruses as cold,glandular fever, a mild pain killer and antidepressant and a aphrodisiac,. It is used as a tissue regenerator because it diminishes scars, wrinkles, and stretch marks. Being a gentle oil, rosewood benefits sensitive ot irritates the skin, and its antiseptic and bactericidal properties makes it suitable for acne and wounds. The oil is used to treat headaches, , and uplifting and comforting that helps balance the nervous system when stress


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