Herb of the Day: Sarsaparilla

( Smilax ornata )
Parts used: Root

Sarsaparilla is useful for skin eruptions, ringworm, rheumatism, arthritis, and gout. It coantains a hormone like substance which makes it good in glandular formulas. The tea will increase the flow of urine, break up gas, and taken hot it is a good diaphoretic for fevers. It is also good for eye wash. It is one of the best herbs to use for infants infected with venereal disease. Combine sarsaparilla with yellow dock and sassafras for a spring tonic, pustules and sores may be washed with a tea made from the root.

Properyies: Alterative, Carminative, Tonic, diaphoretic.
Uses are; blood, skin, circulation, and intestines
For internal use for… acne, blood purifier, boils, colds, fevers, heartburn, hot flashes, rheumatism, uric acid ( excessive ),
use external for, ringworm, sores and wounds, fomentation, wash with the decoction


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