Herb of the Day: Goldenrod

( Solidago virgaurea )

Common names are; Wounddort ,

It is an Antifungal, Anthelmintic, Antiseptic, Astringent, Antiinflammatory, Stimulant

Aids with Beneficial to the Kidney’s, urinary infections, blatter stones, internal hemorrhaging, sore throat, whooping cough, menorrhagia, chronic eczema, chronic catarrh, influenza, skin diseases, chronic nephritis.

Goldenrod has an pagan past. The ancient Germans considered fer to be the best wound herb and, before engaging in battle, gathered Goldenrod as a precaution. In tribute, herbals of subsequent centuries called her ” Pagan Woundherb ” a name that was christianized tp St. Petre’s Staff Herb. Now as to then, herbalists in rural areas still prepare packs, compresses, and potions from the fresh and dried plants.
This herb receives its name not without cause. It is called Goldenrod Woundwort inasmuch as it is completely healing and useful for both external and internal due to the dry and astringent powers it bears. One can simply simmer the herb alone in wine or water or combine it with other wound herbs such as Sanicle, Snowline Pyrola, Silverweed, Self-heal, breadruby, and Plantain, and thereby drink of it. Native Americans used this plant to heal various illnesses. They crushed the flowers and leaves to bites and stings of various insects. Goldenrod ,in fact, is one of the ingredients of old remedial preparations for treating rattlesnake bites.


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