Homeopatic healing: Berberis

Berberis…….(  Latin name is berberis vulgaris ) This strongly astringent and healing plant was used by ancient Greek and Arabian physicians to cool the blood during fevers and to treat jaundice and gastrontestinal disorders. The American Indians used it for peptic ulcers, the Western herbalists gave barberry for liver problems caused by drugs and alcohol abuse, and the Ayurvedic doctors advocate it as a detoxicant and liver tonic. In the Chinese medicine it is taken for diarrhea. Barberry contains alkaloids that are thuoght to inhibit cancer. It exhibits a broad  spectrum of antimicrobial activity.. The Homeopathic remedy was proved by Dr. Hesse in 1835 and was taken largely for urinary and digestive disorders with sharp or colicky pain. Aids with:…. kidney disorders symptoms are infection with trenderness and pain in the kidney areaas if water is trying to bubble through the skin….Cystitis…burning or sharp cutting pains from the bladder to the urethra, green or dark yellow urine,pain durning sexual intercourse….Gallbladder problems pain in the gallbladder area,…Lower back pain and joint pain. As always consult your doctor before using herbs as herbs are medicine. lighthouseherbs.me


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