Herb of the Day: Bitter Orange

Bitter Orange

Latin name…Citrus aurantium

Bitter orange is the whole fruit of the mandarin orange. Smaller fruits are preferred in herbal medicine. the peal known as chen-pi, is also used medicinally. Bitter orange is a potent nerves that control the circulation of the blood. It constricts the small arteries in the nose, sinuses, and eustachian tubes to counteract allergic reactions. Chinese formulas containing the herb release compounds that may inhibit the spread of cancer. Laboratory tests in Korea have found that bitter orange extracts are especially effective in killing rotavirus, the organism that causes viral diarrhea in children. Bitter orange contains generous amounts of vitamin C it is needed to provide the acidic environment neccessary for iron absorption. It also contains “monoterpenses” such as d-limonene, which helps prevent liver cancer. Study with laboratory animals have found that d-limonene both stops the spread of cancer to the liver from the colon and slowas the growth of cancerous tumors originating in the liver.

As always consult your doctor before using herbs…..lighthouseherbs.me


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