Herb of the Day: Corn Silk

Corn Silk

Latin name is…Zea mays

Common names are…Indian corn, maidis stigma, maize silk, zea

Corn silk is a collection of the stigmas of the female flowers of the corn plant. It is collected in the summer immediately after corn tassels appear but before the flowers are fertilized to produce kernels of the corn.

Corn silk is a “diuretic” and a rich source of potassium. It is used for disorders of the urinary tract and as an aid in the liver, kidney, and bladder disorders.

Benefits are:…Carpal tunnel syndrome, high blood pressure, and premenstrual syndrome. Corn silk encourages urination, which the potassium in the herb offsets potassium loss caused by increased urination. Compared to other diuretics this combination in corn silk reduces the likelihood of muscle cramps and irregular heartbeat due to loss of electrolytes through increased urination.


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