Education: Intermittent Claudication

Circulation problems are generally caused by arteries that are to narrow to carry adequate amounts of blood. The arteries become to narrow if cholesterol gathers in the artery linings to form plaques, which can then calcify into blood vessel blockages. Thus known as arteriosclerosis,which can lead to” intermittent claudication”, a painful circulation in the legs. The common symptoms are a pain, ache, cramp, numbness, or a sense of fatigue in the muscle of the leg. It occur after exercise and goes away resting.

Drug treatments of circulatory problems in the leg are not generally successful but herbal supplements can bring substantial relied. Herbal medicine for this problem should always be used under a doctor’s supervision, since some herbs magnify the effect of blood thinning drugs. Treatment is also needed for underlying, cause or causes of the arterial blockages.

Beneficial Herbs, are Ginkgo.. it increases pain free walking distance. and prevents further plaque buildup.

Prickly Ash…It increases pain free walking distance and relieves coldness in the feet and toes.


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