Education: Essiac Tea

Essica Tea was a invention by an Canadian nurse ( Rene M. Caisse), she used her last name backwards in order to name the tea formula. Still the most popular herbal mixture used for treating cancer in North America, Essiac’s efficacy against cancer can be explained in part by cancer fighting characteristics of herbs in the formula. Two chemicals in the herb rhudarb, emodin and rhein, may stop the growth of melanoma, breast cancer, and hepatic carcinoma. One of these chemicals, emodin, has been of conventional chemotherapies. It makes breast cancer cells, more sensitive to paclitaxel ( Taxol ), and makes certain types of lung cancer cells more sensitive to cisplatin (Plational ), and doxorubicin ( Adriamycin, Rubex ). A closely related chemical, aloe emodin, found in the herb sheep sorrel, has significant activity against lekemia cells. The herb burdoct root increases the rate at which estrogen is excreted into the stool, and the herb red clover blocks estrogen from stimulating breast cancer cells.

And as always ask your doctor before self medicate






















2 thoughts on “Education: Essiac Tea

  1. Rene Cassie did not invent the tea. It was an Indian Shaman, Cassie was a nurse in Canada, she kept hearing about cancer cures and the Shaman. She gave up her job to go and study with the shaman and kept records of the people who came and the results of that cure. When the shaman died, the Canadian Government came in and destroyed the Shaman’s records, but they did not know that Cassie had copies of all of it. At one point, so I understand, someone told Jack Kennedy’s personal physician about it and he wrote an article in JAMA and then it was black listed. I’ve read quite a bit about Essiac Tea and worked with it a little. It’s a marvelous remedy, a little tedious to make, but there is a product called Ojibwa Tea and she makes it, and it’s already made. Anyone with cancer should try it. She also makes a cream and it works on skin cancer, as well as on the burns from having it burned off. It’s called Ojibwa Native Healing Balm. I was working in a Natural Grocery and it sold supplements, I had a man come in one day and ask if we had anything that could help heal the burns from having it burned off, he showed me the tube of medicine prescribed for him, he said it’s cost was close to $100.00 a tube. I happened to be holding the Healing Balm in my hand, as I was putting away products. I handed it to him, I think it was around $14.00, he took it with him. A month or two later this man walked up to me and asked “do you remember me?” I told him no, then he pointed to the place on his face where the burn had been, then I remembered, he had no redness, so scar nothing to show there had ever been a sore. He hugged me, and thanked me profusely. What I’m beginning to notice is that any cream, lotion, balm or salve that has Chickweed and Comfrey in it is exceptionally good for skin and healing. I hope this helps. Sincerely, Lynn Rivarde Lynn’s Blends

    • Thank you Lynn, for your info. Yes I know that the medicine man Shaman was the inventor of Cassie cancer tea. There are actually 2 recipes of it. Yes Shaman told her never to sell it because the people would never get the healing. And she never sold it. To me these 2 people are heroes, but the Health and education can not make money a lot of money, because they love donations. People need to quit donating to them and educate them self with herbs…. Susan

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