Education: Make Allies out of Antibiotics

There may be a time that you have to take antibiotics for pneumonia, you can prevent the side effects, caused by a decrease in normal digestive bacteria. Hence these are some supplements to try.

Acidophilus and bifidus… These are the 2 main beneficial bacteria that antibiotics kill. You can take these while on antibiotics, but you will need to continue treatment for at least1 month after you finish your antibiotic course for complete replacement. Be sure to buy the best quality product available.

Saccharomyces boulardil… This beneficial yeast has been used in Europe for decades to prevent side effects of antibiotics. It inhibits yeast over growth and decreases the risk of a certain type of colitis that can be brought on by using antibiotics. It also stimulates production of a part of the immune system that fights infections in mucous membranes, as the lungs.

As always consult you doctor if using and herbs.


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