Education: Vitamins for the Heart Health

Growing up your Mother said to you not to forget your Vitamins, well she was right. As our life is busy we have not time to eat well, even when we cook it always cooks out a lot of vitamins we need for our bodies.

1. L-carnitine is an amino acid.. it involved with energy metabolism at the cellular level. It increases the efficiency of the heart muscle, reduces cholesterol metabolism, and it prevents plaque formation….

Coenzyme Q.. this vitamin-like antioxidant helps cells make energy and improves cholesterol levels. It decreases the frequency of angina and improves exercise tolerance…

Niacin.. This B vitamin lowers cholesterol, but does tend to be limited by the uncomfortable flushing that it may cause. Sustained release or long acting forms of niacin produce l is to be as effective as other less flushing but may damage the liver. An appropriate alternative is a niacin precursor called insositol hexaniacinate, which does not cause flushing even at high does, even better, it is harmless to the liver. Studies show that this form of niacin to be as effective as other forms, with out the side effects reported..

Vitamin E.. There are many kinds of form of vitamin E, the tocotrienol, form may be especially helpful in the lowering cholesterol. Actually it inhibits cholesterol production, a feature that makes this form a good choose for people whose bodies make higher than normal amounts of LDL cholesterol despite changes in diet…

Magnesium.. Studies link magnesium deficiency with heart disease, sudden cardiac death, heart attacks, and dangerous irregular heart rhythms. This mineral may help decrease plaque formation, lower total cholesterol, raise ” good ” HDL cholesterol, and inhibit platelet aggregation…

Vitamin B6..Deficiency of this B vitamin appears to be a major cause of heart disease. It can be taken as part of a good quality multivitamin or a B complex combination…

Always consult your doctor before taken herbs or vitamins




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