Education: Boil’s

Boil’s are also known as, Furuncle, this is a deep seated infection of a entire follicle and adjacent tissue. A cluster of Boil’s are called, carbuncle,  Boil’s usually appears as a small or conical nodule that is surrounded by redness, progressing to form a pus pocket with a white center. Tenderness, mild pain, itching and swelling of the near lymph glands may occur. Most common sites for the boil’s are the hairy parts of the body that become to friction as the armpits, buttocks, neck, and groin, and can appear in other places as well. They can cause tenderness and pain as well as a mild fever.Almost boil’s stem from infection, with bacterium, ( Staphylococcus aureus, ) known as, staph. Staph may enter the skin by abrasions caused by friction, pressure, or moisture. Never plug the pores of the skin with cosmetics or petroleum jellies because they may trap the infection within, that giving it the opportunity to multiply. Most boil’s will heal in a week or two. Recurrent ones can be a sign of poor nutrition, anemia, diabetes, or HIV infection, chronic perspiration in the folds of ones skin, and poor hygiene.

Beneficial herbs are: Echinacea extract or salve,  it is a immune stimulant and a anti-inflammatory.

Pau d’arco lotion or ointment, it stimulates the production of bacteria destoring immune cells called macrophages. Tree Tea oil lotion or ointment it penetrates the skin with out irritation and kills staph and 11 other boil causing germs.

Coptis, apply as a poultice 2 times a day, it contains berberine which is especially toxic to staph. Will not cause the boil to rupture.

Other herbs to be taken are burdock, dong quai, red clover, and schizonepeta.

There is a precaution on  herbs if you have rheumatoid arthritis or lupus or chronic infections as HIV or tuberculosis one must avoid Echinacea. Tree Tea should be avoided if you are allergic to celery, or thyme,

As always ask your doctor for advice on using herbs.


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