Herb of the Day: Sanicle


( Sanicula Europaea )


Sanicle Herb

Sanicle Herb

It is a perennial that grows 2 feet high, with finely dented leaves and pale pink or greenish-white flowers in umbels. Their seeds are contained in rounds burs which will cling to anything that comes into contact with them.

It is found in early Summer in woodlands, shady moist places, and thickets. In Astrology it is owned by Mars, if one goes by the Culpeper’s philosophy.

Medicinal virtues, are decoction in  or powder  taken in drink and the juice used outwardly disspates evil humours.There is not found any other herb that can give such help when disease falls upon the lungs and throat. Putrid malignant ulcers in the mouth, throat, and privities are healed by gargling with a decoction of the leaves and root made into water and a little of honey. It helps women stay her courses, and all other fluxes of blood from, mouth, in the urine or stool. It is healing to ulcerated kidneys, pains in the bowel, gonorrhoea. It is boiled in wine or water.

The modern uses are a infsion of the whole herb in does of 2 fl. 0z. is useful in leucorrhoea and diarrhoea. It also stops internal haemorrhage . Used as a gargle, soothes sore throats, used as a lotion, heals septic wounds, blood purifier, when used in other remedies such as Red Clover. It will heal green wounds or any ulcers speedily.


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