Herb remedies: Pneumonia

Pneumonia starts out like a bad cold, but symptoms gets worse when waking up with a awful cough that produces ugly ,green mucus, than for sure it is much more then a cold. If you feel exhaustion, fever, shortness of breath, and chest pain, you may have pneumonia.

Pneumonia is a infection of the alveoli, the tiny air sacks inside the lungs. Bacteria, viruses, fungi, plus other organisms can be at fault, doctors can diagnose pneumonia by a exam, lab tests, and a chest x-ray. The severity of the condition depends on which organisms causes the infection, how much the lung is infected, and whether there are more health factors, as chronic lung disease, immune dysfunction, or your age.But pneumonia is more serious than other infections as bronchitis. Fungal infections in the lungs occur primary in people with compromised immune systems. Treatment involves antifungal drugs such as ketoconazole.

If you have to take antibiotics for pneumonia you can prevent the side effects caused by a decrease in normal digestive bacteria. Here are some you can try.

Saccharomyces boulardii: It is a beneficial yeast that has been used in Europe for decades to prevent side effects of antibiotics. It will inhibit the yeast over growth, and also decreases the risk of certain types of colitis, that can be brought on by using antibiotics. This yeast also stimulates production of a part of the immune system that fights infections in mucous membranes as in the lungs. Take 1 300 milligram capsule 3 times a day while you are antibiotics and for 1 week after.

Acidophilus and bifidus, are 2 main beneficial bacteria that antibiotics kill. So begin taken them while on antibiotics, but you need to continue treatment for at least 1 month after you finish your antibiotics course . Buy the best quality product , if your health food store has a good sales staff, they can help you to select what you will need. Than  follow directions on the package.

Always ask the doctor if you can take any herbal supplements.


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