Herb Remedies: My Nerves Are Shot Tonic

My Nerves Are Shot Tonic

You will need

1 cup sage leaves

1 cup crushed dill seed

1 cup peppermint leaves

1 cup lemon balm leaves

2 cups lemon peal

1 cup chamomile flowers

2 cups lemon juice

6 cups honey

Note: If you are using dried herbs instead of fresh herbs; you cut the quantities to 1/2 cup  apiece.

Add all  ingredients  except the lemon juice and honey to 1 gallon of  boiling water and simmer for 10 minutes.  Remove from stove. When cool strain the herbs out and add lemon juice and honey. Pour into jars and keep in refrigerator. Take 2 Tabs. of tonic before every meal and in a few weeks you will notice a improvement in your mental strength and stamina.



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