Education: How to use Formulas

The how to use herbal formulas is not inconsistent with modern medicine. Herbal formulas can be explained as a single, drug, with multiple targets. While each formula is composed of multiple herbs, thus in turn contains multiple chemical components. But when alone each active component usually enters the body at a level that is too dilute to have a therapeutic effect, but also too dilute to cause side effects. However when are combined these chemical components repeatedly interact with multiple sites and thus targets the disease. Resulting a synergy of responses to a very mild treatment that together help correct a disease. Changing the proportions of the herb alters this balance. When adding too much of a herb, can be less effective than not using the herb at all. Herbal formulas are available in the form of teas, tablets, powders, capsules, and tinctures. If a formula does not work, than the problem is usually the fault in which the herbs was used. Formulas should be taken on a empty stomach, with a 1/2 cup of warm spring water.By taken the medication with the water will ensure that it will arrive in the digestive tract, and taken it on a empty stomach ensures that it does not chemically react to food. As with conventional medicines it is possible to get the wrong herbal formula. If this mistake has been made in your choose of formula be on the safe side by taking a small amount , which will produce only a insignificant side effect. To be safe take the lowest dose recommended on the label for at least 3 days, than if no problems increase the amount. This only apply to the over the counter formulas. If prepared by your professional practitioner take as directed as prescribed by the professional practitioner.

As always consult with a healthcare practitioner  before taking any formulas.


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