Herb of the Day: Dodder


( Cuscuta europaea )

Dodder is found in the British heaths and the herb is the part that is used. It is a Aperient, deobstruent, and hepatic. Dodder opens the obstructions of the liver, and is good in jaundice and for the spleen.

“Culpeper states, This is accounted the most effectual for melancholy diseases, and to purge black or burnt choler, which is the cause of many diseases of the head and brain, as also for trembling of the heart, faintings, and swoonings. It is helpful in all dieases of the spleen, and melancholy that arises from the windiness of the hypocondria. It pourgeth also the reins or hidneys by urine, it openeth obstructions of the gall, whereby it profiteth them that have jaundice, as phiegnatic humours, and helpeth children in agues, a little worm seed being added thereto. ”

Method used is to make a decoction of 1 oz. to 1 1/2 pt. of water. The dose is a wineglassful is required.


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