Herbal Remedy of the Day: Hangover

I can honestly say that I have only had one hangover in my life, and that was plenty. I spent many years doing extermination and I realized that many of the symptoms of too much alcohol share alot in common with some of the poisons that I used for insecticides. Disorientation, lack of motor control, confusion etc. I didn’t particularly care for the headache, vomiting, loss of appetite and generally feeling horrible.

The main reason people get that hangover feeling in the morning is that alcohol metabolizes in the liver. It forms many toxins, which it then spreads throughout the body. The kidneys will filter the toxins out of the body, however they also use alot of water to do so which causes dehydration. Another byproduct is that the body also uses many vitamins, especially B vitamins.

There are plenty of natural solutions for hangovers. The best would be to prepare before drinking. There are some supplements that can help before the drinking starts. B-complex vitamins, Vitamin C, Vitamin A and Zinc. If they are taken before drinking, they help support the body to prepare for what’s coming.

Of course, if they aren’t taken beforehand and the hangover is imminent, then there are some other options available.

Arrowroot Plant

Arrowroot Plant


Arrowroot Plant- In my opinion, this is one of the most overlooked herbs in the herb world. This was one of the most important herbs to the Mayans and they used it for many different things, up to poisoned arrow antidote. It is easily digested, helps alleviate nausea and vomiting, stops diarrhea and helps to absorb toxins.

The oddest thing about this herb, is that many “modern” herbalists haven’t really researched any of the benefits of this herb. It wasn’t until around 2000 that they really started looking into this as a serious herbal remedy.


White Willow Tree

White Willow Tree

White Willow Bark- This is one of my favorite herbs. The bark from this tree has many of the same properties as aspirin, but the amounts are much less so it is less likely to upset your stomach. It is a great pain reliever, without further straining the liver and kidneys.

As you probably already know too much acetaminophen isn’t really the best substance you can take for your liver. Too much acetaminophen can even damage it.

DandelionsDandelion Root- This probably a surprise, but dandelions are very good for you. If you have a hangover, the root of this plant can be very helpful in your delicate condition. It helps relieve constipation, upset stomach and stomachaches. It’s a great liver stimulator which will help with metabolizing the alcohol. It has Vitamin A, Vitamin B and antioxidants.


Milk Thistle Plant

Milk Thistle Plant

Milk Thistle Seed- And you thought it was just a weed. This is another one of my favorite herbs. The history of milk thistle goes back to the Ancient Greek times. For over 1,000 years it has been used to treat many different ailments such as cirrhosis, hepatitis, mushroom poisoning, heartburn, appetite loss and after chemotherapy treatments. It goes straight to the liver and stimulates protein production and blood flow.

The tea doesn’t really taste very good, but if you add some honey or bee pollen, it isn’t too bad.


I hope this helps. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.


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