Herbal Healing: Tonsillitis

Tonsillitis is a inflamation of the tonsils, which is a masses of lymphatic tissue on each side of the throat. It tends to come on suddenly starting with chills and than fever, often high, headaches, aches, and pain in the limb and back, and swollen, red, painful tonsils. Swallowing can be particularly very painful. The adenoids or know as pharyngeal tonsil, that is located at the top of the throat, may be swollen as well, as may be the lymph nodes in the neck. Tonsils like lymph nodes, are lymphatic filters. They filter the lymph fluid that flows between cells in the body and prevent bacteria and other substances from entering the bloodstream. They assist the immune system, both in their filtering function and contributing to white blood, disease fighting, cell production, Normally the tonsils can keep up with the filtering demands, however they can become inflamed or infected when the lymph system is over loaded. The bacteria they filter accumulate in their tissue and than produce infection.

Herbal use is a herb called Red root ( Ceanothus americanus ) has a great ability to clear congestion of the lymph glands and has a long history of use for that purpose. Red root is one of the most important lymphatic plant. The herb can clear dead cell debris and accumulated waste of bacterial infection.

A fresh root tincture is the most effective form in which to take red root. Use equal parts of red root and echinaccea tincture, during the acute stage take 30 to 50 drops of the mix up to 5 x a day for 1 week. Reduce the dosage by 10 percent each day. For child 11 to 13 years old, cut the dosage in half of the adults. Under 12 cut doses in half again. Drink lots of water to aid the body in breaking up the congestion.


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