Herb Information: Secret of Spices

Fat, metabolism, refers to something a little different than how many calories one burns. In this case , metabolism, refers to your body’s ability to process fats. Lipotropic herbs, such as cinnamon and ginseng promotes the exportation of the fat from the liver, which helps the body use fat for energy. Research shows that these 2 herbs lower triglycerides and, bad, LDL cholesterol, some herbalist says. When those 2 measurements go down it usually means you’re metabolizing fats are better. However, it does not mean that these herbs will cause your body to release stored fat. Nor will they necessarily increase metabolism, but normalizing thr burning and digestion of fat can make a difference in ones health.

Some spicy herbs as mustard, cayenne, and black pepper are also marked as thermogenics. They will not help ones body release stored fat, but they have a real benefit in aiding the digestion. They are stimulating, warming and invigorating this means you will get more nutrients from the food one eats. More nutrients , means more energy, more metabolic efficiency, thus means better overall health. Which in return will make it easier to stay on a diet. You can use over the counter drugs if one wants, but myself will choose spices.


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