Herb Remedies: Dandruff

In infants we call it cradle cap, but in adults we call it dandruff. Nobody really knows what exactly causes dandruff, we could inherit it or relate it to a infection of the skin by a fungus that is similar to athlete’s foot. It also could be of oily skin, fatigue, weather, obesity, not cleaning our hair and skin often, alcohol containing skin lotions can trigger the outbreaks of dandruff. Patients with AIDS and Parkinson’s disease will tend to develop dandruff frequently than other people.

Here is a healthy scalp rinse to use

2 c. apple cider vinegar

1/4 dried sage, thyme leaves, rosemary

Heat the vinegar to boiling, remove from heat and add the herbs. Cover, steep for 10 minutes, strain and discard herbs. Pour in a empty shampoo bottle and lable. Use 1/4 c. in 2 c. water and rinse after you shampoo. Tea tree, flaxseed,and evening primrose oils can be rub in you scalp before you retire to bed. Wash it out in morning.



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