The How To’s: Veterinary Medicine Figwort

Figwort belongs to those forgotten medicinal plants thar was once highly valued for their healing properties. Another name for Figwort is ( Red Urine Herb, arose from observing that her ingestion by grazing animals caused blood to appear in the urine. Today we know that this is due to the high herb’s high concentration of saponins. Lastly, she was called ( Sow Herb ) because she was said to cure mange in pigs.

Amulets of Figwort root were once used to protect the animals from disease. Long associated with pigs, remember her old German name , Sow Herb, mangy animals were washed with a strong tea prepared from the plant’s leaves and roots. The salve made has proved helpful for eczema and skin rashes in animals in general.

One can make a salve from the juices of Figwort, wax, and tree oils in equal amounts heated together well tempered to making a salve. Look on the blog on How to make a salve.


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