The How To’S: Angelica Chest Rub

Angelica Chest Rub

In old herbals Angelica is often found under the name os “Chestwort”. It is a really healing plant for chest conditions due ti its ability to promote the coughing up phlegm. It dissolves the thick, sticky mucus that accompanies cough, bronchitis, and pneumonia, it strengthens the local tissue and mucous membranes. It is a plant that is in long standing for chronic conditions of the respiratory pathways. In the addition to ingesting Angelica tea or powder, one should rub a warming stimulating salve on the sufferer’s chest and upper back.

Angelica Salve

1-1/4 ounces lanolin

1 ounce St. John’s wort oil

2 grams beeswax, grated

15 drops essential oil of Angelica

5 drops essential oil marjoram

1 drop essential oil thyme

Slowly melt lanolin in a pot or double boiler, add the St. John’s wort oil and set aside. In a separate pot, melt the beeswax stirring constantly, add the essential oils and than the lanolin mixture. Remove from heat and stir until the salve is nearly cool. Pour it into small salve jars with tight lids.


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