Herb Information:Healing Properties

The following list describes on herbs with diuretic properties.

1. Field Horsetail ( Wquisetum arvense ) tea is administered for weakness of the bladder, skin diseases, and weakness of the connective tissue.

2. Barberry ( Berberis vulgaris ) tea, juice or marmalade affects the liver and gallbladder. ( Betula pendula ) tea oe juice is taken for rheumatism and skin diseases.

3. Boldutree leaves ( Peumus boldus Molina ) tea is used for severe water retention.

4. Borage ( Borago officinalis ) is a spice taken for the kidneys and bladder and while dieting.

5. Common Burstwort ( Herniaria glabra ) and Bearberry leaves ( Arctostaphylos uva-ursi ) tea is administered for cases of acute cystitis.

6. Stinging Nettle ( Urtica dioicalurens ) tea or juice promotes metabolism and affects the bladder, liver, and gallbladder.

7. Stemless Carline Thistle ( Carlina acaulis ) tea affects the stomach and stimulates the kidneys and bladder.

8. Dyer’s Greenweed ( Genistra tintoria ) tea is taken for kidney gravel and water retention in diseases of the liver.

9. Spiny Restharrow ( Ononis spinosa ) tea from the root is taken for water retention and skin impurities.

10. Salad Chervil ( Anthriscus cerefolium ) is a spice used for the bladder and kidneys and while dieting.

11. Common Garden Parsley ( Petroselinum hortense ) is a spice that stimulates the uterus and affects weak menstrual flow, the bladder, and the kidneys.

12. Horseradish ( Armoracia lapathifola ) is a spice that strengthens the stomach with the lack of appetite, and affects the bladder and kidneys.

13. Garden Lovage ( Levisticum officinale ) is a spice that strengthens the stomach and stimulates the sexual organs, bladder and kidneys.

14. Corn stigmata ( Zea Mays ) tea is administered in weight loss programs and for flushing out the system.

15 Garden Celery ( Apium graveolens ) is a vegetable for special diets and for the bladder and kidneys.

16. Asparagus (A sparagus officinalis ) is a vegetable for special diets and for the bladder and kidneys.

17. Common Juniper ( Juniperus communis ) is taken for blood cleansing and for the kidneys.

Garden Onion ( Allium cepa ) strengthens the stomach and has a slight diuretic effect.

3. White Birch/ Silver Birch


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