Herb of the Day: Red Wine Catechins

Red Wine Catechins

( Vitis vinifera )  Grape family, Common name: resveratrol

Aids with: Bladder cancer, breast cancer, leukemia,  prostate cancer, and coronary artery disease.

Red Wine catechins is extracted from the skin of red wine grapes. The most active red wine catechin is resveratrol, a compound the grape itself manufactures in the skin of the fruit to deter gray mold. Red wine catechins are most abundant in immature grapes ( which are more susceptible to mold ) and in grapes grown in damp climates, especially on Long Island in New York.

Resveratrol is a helpful anticancer supplement, it slows the development of atherosclerotic plaques and to protect the heart. It may also reduce the inflammation that causes eczema.

A Scientists at the University of Illinois at Chicago, reported in the prestigious journal Science that resveratrol stops not 1 but 3

major stages of cancer development. It stops cancer initiation, the stage in which the antioxidant defenses of the body are overwhelmed by cancer causing chemicals. It stops cancer promotion, the stage which the tumor secretes inflammatory chemicals essential for it to establish its own nutrient supplies and spread via the bloodstream. And in leukemia, it promotes differentiation, a process by which the unrestrained multiplication of cancer cells is stopped and white blood cells are returned to their normal life cycle.  Nearly 100 scientific studies have attributed over cancer fighting effects to resveratrol, Chungang University in Seoul, Korea, U.S. National Cancer Institute, Samuel Lunenfield Research Institute in Toronto, University of Minnesota and many more have put their great minds together for the good of mankind.

Resveratrol is usually taken in tablet form, unless dietary restrictions prohibit the of sugar, drinking 12 to 14 ounces of purple grape juice or 1 glass of red wine daily will have the same benefits.


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