Homeopathy: Strontium Carb.

Common name Strontium carbonate

( Strontium Carbonicum, Strontianite )

Strontium Carb. is found in Scotland, Germany and California. This mineral takes its name from Strontian, the village in Argyllshire, Scotland, where strontianite was discovered in 1790.

The Homeopathy use for remedy, mainly given for acute conditions following a operation or injury, as fainting, exhaustion, chills, violent palpitations, and collapse, possibly due to severe trauma and bleeding. It may be used to treat heart conditions, including angina, phlebites ( inflammation of a vein ), and terrible pains in the muscles and bones. The symptom for heart problems treated by Strontium carb. describes a heavy, smothering sensation in the heart area, or dull, intermittent pressure in the heart.

Be sure you see a doctor before using any herb healing. Before using any Homeopathy, seek a Homeopathy healer.


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