Lifestyle: Spices

Spices are a must in our kitchens cupboards. Spices are herbs to make our stews, meats, and other recipes taste better. They are also a good source of old fashion medicine at ones fingertips. Here is a few.
1.For Saliva, sipping tomato juice which has been laced with some Capsicum and then holding it momentarily in the mouth before swallowing or swishing it around inside, will induce the saliva glands to produce more of their substance, which helps improve the overall condition of the stomach in general.
2.For Strep throat, gargle with relatively warm water to which has been added some Capsicum and lemon juice. NOTE, Capsicum definitely enhances the overall medicinal and nutritional activity of vitamin C or ascorbic acid. To every 3 tablets of vitamin C, at least 1 capsule of Capsicum or ginger root should be taking for maximum effectiveness and assimilation of the C.
3. For Emphysema, Some Cayenne in hot soup, water, or other clear liquid is suitable to take with the spice, will usually stimulate the lungs more and increase respiratory activity.
4. Fennel, for food poisoning, drink several cups of tea as a antidote.
5. Garlic, for heart attack ( coronary arrest, myocardial infarction), take several garlic oil capsules eash day may help prevent a 2nd or 3rd heart attack after the first one. Fresh garlic clove or the encapsulated oil will reduce inflammation of the heart, and permit better circulation of the blood.


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