Herb Remedies: Floaters

Floaters  are tiny bits of cellular debris floating with in the vitreous humor, the gel like fluid that fills the inside of the eyeball and keeps it round in shape. These bits of flotsam occur when the vitreous humor begins to break down. As it does so, specks of protein become trapped in the fluid and cast shadows on the retina. The result is tiny spots that seem to float before your eyes . They are particularly obvious when you look into the light or a solid light colored surface. People with diabetes or hypoglycemia,elderly, nearsighted  seem to be particularly prone to floaters.

If you suddenly become aware of a great many floaters in one eye, or if floaters you have been experiencing suddenly increase in size, see a ophthalmologist immediately. This may be a sign that you are developing a retinal problem.

Eat plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables, especially green, yellow and orange types, they contain antioxidant phytochemicals that protect all the cells in your body, including those of the eyes, from free radical damage. Eat clean lean protein as, chicken and fish, both have vitamin A are needed to maintain healthy eyes.

Nutritional supplements: Beta-carotene, essential fatty acids, vitamins B, C, A and Selenium is a excellent antioxidant that helps prevent free radical damage throughout the body and eyes. Note ( if one is pregnant or wants to be pregnant, or liver disease, consult your doctor before taking vitamin A.)

Herbal treatment: bilberry provides important nutrients that nourish the eyes and enhance visual function, eyebright helps maintain healthy eyes and good vision,  ginkgo biloba protects cellular membranes and has notable antioxidant properties.

Floaters may be annoying, but they generally are harmless.


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