Natural Healing: Magnesium for Migraines

There are two types of migraine, classic and common. people who have a classic migraine knows when a headache is brewing because the pain is preceded by an aura, or set of warning signals. They may see a flashing lights or blind spots in their field of vision, suffer mild confusion and become abnormally sensitive to otherwise moderate levels of sound light.

In a one called common migraine sufferers, there is no aura, although some people report feeling irritable and depressed before the migraine sets in.

The word, migraine, comes from the Greek hemi, or half, and crania, which means, head. Nearly 10% of Americans suffer migraines, headaches that are classed as vascular, that is, having to do with the blood vessels. In the migraine, for reasons as yet unexplained, blood vessels in the head first constrict, then dilate sharply, pressing against neighboring nerve endings. In no time at all a excruciatingly painful, throbbing headache takes over half the head, often centering behind one eye.

Magnesium may be helpful, it helps lower blood pressure by halting the constriction of blood vessels and the same mechanism may still the throb of migraine. Try taking 200 milligrams of magnesium a day. Cut back on foods as chocolate, aged cheese and red wine, they are notorious for triggering migraines in sensitive people, because they contain substances called amines, which can cause blood vessels to swell.

Try the press for headache relief, the room is quiet, all you hear is your deep breathing, close your eyes bend your thumbs at right angles, train them on trigger points on your head then you press in probing for sensitive areas that tells you, you are on target. Than hold for 15 to 30 seconds than release. Press again and again if necessary. Release your head should feel better. Japanese acupressure, called ( shiatsu ) proves itself once more.

Be sure always to seek a doctors advice before self healing. This works for me it may not for you.


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