Herb Remedies; Coltsfoot Rose Astringent

Coltsfoot is tried and true in herbal cosmetics. A high sulfur content gives it antiseptic and cleansing properties that reduce excessive secretion of the sebaceous glands in oily skin and hair. Tannins are astringent, strengthening, and anti-septic. Finally the mucilage in Coltsfoot protects the skin. A strong tea from the flowers and leaves can be used as a facial cleanser, compress, or a bath for care of blemished, inflamed, oily skin and enlarged pores. A mashed fresh Coltsfoot leaves can also soothe swollen eyes.

Coltsfoot Rose Astringent

fresh coltsfoot flowers

grain alcohol ( as for a tincture )

rose water

Fill a mason jar halfway with coltsfoot flowers, add alcohol to cover them. Let the mixture steep for 3 weeks, in a dark place, shake every day. Strain it after 3 weeks and add an equal amount of rose water. Use the astringent as a facial cleanser for oily skin.



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