Holistic Healing: Fritillaria and Loquat Syrup

Fritillaria and Loquat Syrup

Pinyin names is ( Chuan Bei Pi Pa Gao.

Other names sold as, Natural Herb Loquat Flavored Syrup, Fritillary and  Loquat Leaf.

Sold in syrup form at many Chinese pharmacies and Oriental grocery stores.

Ingredients: loquat leaf, adenophora, fritillaria, dry mandarin orange peel, schisandra, balloonflower, mint, pinallia, coltsfoot, bitter almond, honey.

Frtillaria and Loquat Syrup is considered a good general cough syrup, it treats a dry cough, smoker’s cough, or coughing associated with asthma. The herbs in this mixture are said to help supress coughing and to eliminate phlegm. Chinese medicine takes a holistic approach to healthcare, fashioning remedies to treat the entire being as well as the specific parts or areas.


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