Education: DR. Bach Flower Remedies

The 38 Remedies of DR. Bach

Jn 1930 this remarkable man gave up his lucrative practice to devote himself entirely to research work along the lines and to seek plant remedies that would help a individual to gain control over their emotions.DR> Bach was no ordinary doctor, he was considered a genius in the field of conventional or orthodox medicine. He had contributed many valuable discoveries to this branch of medical science. In his highly successful private practice, preparing his lifesaving vaccines for shipment to medical men in all parts of the world was another of his busy occupations. So no one could really understand why such a highly esteemed practicing physican, would abruptly give up his career to search for flower remedies. His decision to do so, greatly distressed hi colleagues and  friends who believed it to be a tragic waste of his brilliant talents.  Bach remedies are prepared from the flowers of wild plants, trees, and bushes. The exception is, rock water, which is obtained from certain wells and spring water. A number of these plants are already in standard use by herbalists for their action against certain physical symptoms, but with the Bach method of protentizing, a completely different property is released, the Vital Force or life of the plant is trapped. These potentized remedies reputedly attack the disease through their action on the mind and are said to revitalize the whole personality of the patient so that they can easily shake off the anxieties and fears, and with them the disorder from which the body suffers.

1. Rock Rose ( Helianthemum nummularium ) for extreme fear, panic, terror

2. Scleranthus ( Scleranthus annuus ) for indecision, hesitancy, lack of concentration.

3. Hornbeam ( Carpinus betulus ) for mental fatigue, lack of enthusiasm.

4. Willow ( Salix vitellina ) for bitterness, resentment.

These are a few of the Bach remedies, always remember that one never stop taking his medicine by a doctor, ask if it is okay if you can take them with your medicine.


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