Homeopathy: Anacardium OR.

Anacardium OR.

(  Anacardium orientale syn. Semecarpus anacardium )

Common name

Making-out tree

Aids with: conflick of wills, poor memory, itching, burning skin eruptions, sensation as if there is a plug in the anus, gut, or chest, lack of self confidence, Psychological problems, .

Anacardium Or. is a native to Malaysia, Indonesia, and the Indian subcontinent, and can be found growing in dry mountainous forest areas. The Latin name for this scrub comes from the ancient Greek kardia, or heart, because of its heart shaped, shiny black nut. After the nuts milky  juice  is exposed to the air, it turns black. In southeast Asia, the juice is combined with chalk to make a ink for marking patterns on their fabric, hence it gets its name as the marking-nut tree.

The homeopathic remedy Anacardium or. was proven by Hanemann in 1835. It is prescribed for both psychological and physical disorders. In India the juice was traditionally used as a remedy for buring off warts. Arabian physicians traditionally used the juice to treat mental illness, memory loss, paralysis, and spasms.

The ripe, dried fruit is macerated in alcohol for 5 days, before being filtered and then repeatedly diluted and succussed.

As always seek a homeopathic before using treatment of any condition.




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