Herb of the Day: High Cranberry

High Cranberry

( Viburnum opulus )

Other names: Cramp Bark, Squaw Bush, Snowball Tree.

Parts used; Bark

This shrub grows in rich soil in the northern part of the United States, Canada, Europe, and Asia. When they cultivated this plant, its snow white flower heads becom compact, which justifies its common name of snowball tree. In its wild state it produces red berries that resembles ordinary cranberries, however they are to bitter to be considered acceptable to the taste.

The bark of high cranberry bush brings rapid relief from cramping of the extremities. It is a old time favorite and well known to the American Indians. This plant usually called cramp bark because of its powerful antispasmodic, and is noted for subduing cramps so readily.

For leg cramps; make a strong tea and drink 1/3  of a tea cup, you should feel relief in about 20 minutes.If you have been repeatedly troubled with cramping of the extremities, than drink the tea at night and morning for 1 or 2 weeks, than your trouble will seldom return.

Ask a doctor before if you are pregnant . or trying any herbs.




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