Herb of the Day: Astragalus


( Astragalus membranaceous )

Part used: root

As far back as 2000 years ago, herbalists believed that astragalus increased the body’s ability to resist illness. Unlike other herbs, astragalus isn’t something you take only when the illness comes on. Taken continuously it builds up your immune system over time. It boosts several aspects of your immune system. Evidence indicates that it stimulates your bone marrow to produce more white blood cells= you immune cells. It also encourages the white blood cells to produce antibodies and interferon, both which enhance immune function.

Astragalus is found in the northwestern region of China, it thrives well in  sunny,sandy, well drained soil. In the Autumn the roots of a 4 year old plant is harvested.

Astragalus contains: formononetin, kumatakenin,astragalosides, calcyosin.

Aids with: cold, flu, cancer, ( do not use if you have leukemia because it may increase white blood cells counts ), lower blood pressure, anemia,viral infections, excessive sweating, boosts energy, herpes, warts, chronic fatigue syndrome, when taken along with chemotherapeutic drugs or radioactive treatment they seem to recover faster.

When a virus attacks your body, your immune cells release a chemical called interferon. Interferon’s job is to warn other immune cells that a virus has attacked, and it also tells them how to defend themselves. Astragalus helps boost interferon production, that helps your body better protect itself. Astragalus helps the body heal itself and repair any damage the illness may have caused. People recovering from a illness often have more energy when they use astragalus


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