Herb Information: Knowing How to Use Herbs

Before using any self heal medicine, obviously the more ones know about natural remedies the better you become. There is no substitute for knowledge, as the doctors, scientists, and patients will tell you. There is one thing to keep in mind is that many natural remedies, particularly those that have side effects on serious diseases, as congestive heart failure, depression, cancer, and chronic fatigue syndrome, must be approached with respect. The work because strong pharmacological activity. Although their side effects are generally much less than those of prescription pharmaceuticals, which makes them especially attractive, natural remedies if abused or overused can also harm you. In the best of all worlds, you would have a highly trained person, a pharmacist, a doctor, or a health professional to help guide you, to tell you what you need, how to decide among products and brands, how much to take, what to expect, just as you do when buy prescription drugs. Sometimes walking into a health food store or perusing the mail order catalogues for natural remedies is a nightmare of confusion, even for highly sophisticated, knowledgeable people. The array of different products and brands is daunting. When you take herbs, take them with supervision of a health professional who can monitor your progress. You must know the herbs before using them, know your problem, before trying to treat your self. There are many herbalists, Ayurveda, Aromatherapy,Homeopathy, Holistic practitioners all around that you can use. I guess I am lucky to have been raised by natural healing. I only wish that I would have listen to more of what to use. So I starting reading on herb and their many uses. I am never to proud to learn more on them. I wish you happiness, and wellness to all of you. Bless all.


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