Herb of the Day: Kola


(Cola vera or C. nitada )

The Kola Tree stands  about 40 foot tall, and the seeds are the source of the world’s most popular soft drink flavoring. It is a stimulant that herbalists prescribe for overall mental fatigue or depression. It is used to treat diarrhea caused by nervousness, headaches, motion sickness, and loss of appetite. A medical evidence suggests that the herb may also open the bronchial passages, by helping asthmatics to breathe more easily. The effective ingredient in kola, is caffeine. The kola nuts contain more proportion than do coffee beans, cola beverages genera;;y contain considerably less caffeine than does coffee. Kola has a long history of medicinal use in West Africa, which was brought to the Americans by slaves. Kola earned its reputation among 19th century practitioners as a treatment for depression, diarrhea, pneumonia, migraine headaches, morning sickness, typhoid fever, poor appetite, fluid retention.

Side effects are not serious because kola may be to strong a stimulant for some that is sensitive to caffeine. Always consult a qualified practitioner for does for you and specific condition being treated.


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