Flower Remedies: Know Thyself

No two people are identical we may share similar physical characteristics, behavioural tendencies, personality traits. But deep down in each of us we are unique individuals. We may be anxious, irritable, on edge suffering from sleeping problems, indigestion and butterflies in the stomach, but each will be this way for entirely different reasons. One may be going through a death or divorce , a conflict at work, stress, no matter are troubles it is hard to cope from day to day. Delve deeper and it will become clear that their problems arise from a certain personality trait or a particular behavioural pattern. It is essential to treat each person as a unique whole, rather than just addressting his or her symptoms or illness. The beauty of flower essences is that they help us to become aware of elements in our nature which are undermining our sense of wellbeing. They do not work on us, but with us, by bring our attention to any imbalance that exists within us. In doing so they lend their energetic support so we can release it gently from our lives. In this way we can begin to responsibility for our own health and happiness. Many understand all to well, when we visit a loved on that is sick, or sad we bring them flowers. Dr. Edward Bach, often saw human characteristics reflected in the plants them self. In each flower family you will find remedies describing many permutations of basic personality traits.

Like dandelion for reducing stress and tension. dill for children of which too much are expected facing changes. Lavender that calms the mind, red clover for panic and fear, self-heal for stimulates the body’s self-healing powers, sunflower helps rebuild self confidence. Remember to seek a doctor before self healing, find your problem that you are dealing with than decide what is good for you.


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