Vitamin and Minerals: Vitamin A

Vitamin A

Uses of other names are retinol, retinene, retinoic acid, retinyl palmitate

Vitamin A the frist ever discovered is essential for good vision, especially in the dim light, also for healthy hair, skin, and mucous membranes of nose, throat, respiratory and digestive system. It is necessary for the proper growth and development of bones and teeth, also for stimulating the healing of wounds, and treating some skin disorders. Beta carotene is the precursor to vitamin A, is a carotenoid, a type of pigment found in plants. Your skin stores beta carotene, and the body metabolizes it to produce vitamin A as it is needed. Excess beta carotene along with other carotenoids as alpha carotene, acts as a antioxidant and supports immune function, so it increases your resistance to infections. It may help prevent some cancers and night blindness in vision problems. Beta carotene may also help lower cholesterol levels thus, reducing the risk of heart disease.

Natural  sources are, orange and yellow  vegetables, fruits as dried apricots, sweet potatoes, yams, dark green leafy vegetables as broccoli, collard, mustard greens, kale, chili peppers, whole milk, cream, butter, and organ meats such as liver.

Aids with: heart disease, immune problems, high cholesterol, cancer, wounds, vision problems, viral illnesses, vaginal candidiasis.

There are precautions to it also, because it is a fat soluble, it is stored in the body long term, and toxicity is possible if one uses high doses over a long period of time. Beta carotene does not have associated toxicity, even in high doses.

Too much vitamin A can cause headaches, insomnia, restlessness, vision problems, nausea, dry flakin skin, a enlarged liver or spleen.


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