Herb of the Day: Usnea


( Usnea spp. )

Usnea, or larch moss refers to a group of lichens, which are plants made up of algae and fungi that grow  together in a interdependent relationship. You can find the Larch moss hanging from the larch and many other trees in the Northern Hemisphere. It is sometimes called, old man’s beard for its shaggy appearance, it frequently appears in fruits orchards.

The active ingredient, asnic, which seems to have a antibiotic effect against the Grampositive class of bacteria which includes ( for example ) Streptococcus.  It may also be effective against some fungi and protozoans.  It is believed to work by disrupting the cell metabolism of bacteria and other simple organisms. Although it dose not damage human cells, Herbalists consider it a immune system stimulant and a muscle relaxant. Some of the other species of usnea, at least 4 found in the western United Ststes are also as herbal remedies and serve as food for some animals and people.  The dried herb is available in bulk, powder or tincture.

Aids with: colds, influenza, sore throats, respiratory infections and gastrointestinal irritations.

Apply externally for skin ulcers and fungal infections as athlete’s foot, urinary tract infections as urethritis and cystitis, vaginal infections ( use as a douche ).

The side effects are not serious to some they are( if arises ) digestive disorders. call your doctor if these symptoms persist.  As I am not a doctor I have always have been a user of Herbs. I make my own salves, oil, tinctures,dried herbs,a persons yard and garden is full of them as chickweed, dandelion, yarrow,burdock, field mint, clover and so many more. Lear to find them some day they will save your life or someone else. Teach your self and family about the use of them.

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