Herb Remedies: Nature’s Aid for Irregularity

A tea from the herb, Yellow dock is said to be a gentle natural aid for any troubled with constipation.
The tea itself is not considered laxative, but rather a normalizer and negulator of bowel function.
The root is the part of the herb that is used in making the tea. Although hard substances such as the
roots and barks are generally boiled continuously for a certain length of time in order to extract
their active properties, delicate yellow dock root is a exception to this rule and must never be
allowed to boil continuously. It is simply prepare by putting 1 tsp. of cut root in a cup than pour
boiling water over it. Cover with a saucer and let stand for 1/2 hour, strain and reheat,and take it hot.
1 cup 3 or 4 times a day.
The problem of constipation varies different to some people, so the amount daily depends upon individual needs.
It may take a few days to some before normal bowel function begins to hold, but once it starts, irregularity
is usually abolished from then on. Be sure to eat right drink water, one must have a good fiber also.
As many people enjoy the bitter taste of yellow dock, some may not, honey may be added.


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