Herb of the Day: Lady’s Mantle

Lady’s Mantle
( Alchemilla vulgris )
Other names are: Lion’s foot, Bear’s foot
A member of the rose family.



Lady’ Mantle was thought of as a little alchemist, hence her Latin of alchemilla, who could soak up the Earth’s water, purge it of impurities, and offer it back to Heaven in surrender of the last stage of transformation. This was thought of a metaphor for the path of humankind.The modern botanists has offered an alternate explanation for these drops from Heaven. They say that Lady’s Mantle precipitates small water droplets at the tip of her saw toothed leaves that accumulate as one large drop in each leafy basin. By noon these dewdrops have usually evaporated.
Lady’s Mantle has always belonged to women. The old herbalists recognized in her as the sign and power of Venus, early German women that was knowledgeable in herbology, gathered the herb during the waning moon to staunch the blood flow of women and to heal wounds. In the Christian ear, the herb was placed under the protection of Mary, and permitted to bear Her name, Mary’s Mantle, or Our Dear Lady.
Aids with: Excellent for pregnant women, strengthens the uterus, prepare for a good delivery using about 6 weeks before delivery.Sitz baths, vaginal douche, trichomonas, yeast infections. a good wound healer mostly due to high tannin content, surface ulcers.


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