Flower Remedies; White Yarrow

White Yarrow
( Achillea millefolium )

Flower Essences should be in every bodies home. Some of us love plants and flowers around us, when felling sad, sick,lonely,and even happy. You are wondering how many different flower essences you are going to need to deal with
your problems. First it is a good ideal to go through your personal case history, than underline those symptoms that
stand out clearly and strongly. It is best to leave vague and unclear symptoms alone for the moment, you may refer to them later, if you are unable to make up your mind about which is the most appropriate remedy for you. If you are new to taking flower essences, begin with your psychological and physical symptoms before attempting to deal with any spiritual issues. Use your intuition in finding the right flower essences that is determine for yourself. Learn to recognize your instinctive yes to some and no to others. Usually certain essences will tend to catch your eye right away. They are often the flowers you naturally prefer. You may already have them in your garden, home, thus these are the ones you will end up choosing for your combination.

White Yarrow can be found all over in yards, gardens, woods,everywhere.It is used for sensitive people exposed to negative environmental influences. It strengthens the light of aura protecting us by inner stress or pollution and the presence of strong electromagnetic fields. Increases and strengthens our protective energy shield.


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