Herbal Healing: Chili Peppers

Chili Peppers

Healing power can help clear sinuses and relieve congestion, prevent ulcers, reduce the risk of heart disease and stroke.

There is an old saying, ( whatever doesn’t kill you makes you stronger ), which makes the perfect motto for the chili pepper. Chili peppers are not only for Taco’s or Burritos, but also can be added to ones foods as, omelets, stews, and even salads.
Eating a chili pepper has more of an immediate impact than taking a spoonful of medicine. When the hot pepper meets the tongue, the brain is slammed with an onslaught of nerve messages. The result is a flood of watery eyes, nose run, mucus in the lungs loosens up, warm felling all over the body.
For years doctors advised people prone to ulcers to abstain from eating spicy foods, but research now suggests the opposite, that chili peppers may help prevent ulcers from occurring. Capsaicin appears to shield the stomach lining from ulcer causing acids and alcohol by stimulating the flow of protective digestive juices. Researches at National University Hospital in in Singapore, found that people who consumed the most chili powder had the fewest ulcers, which leads them to believe that chili, or capsaicin was the protective factor.Getting more hot chilies into your diet may strengthen your personal anti aging arsenal, that is because they are a rich source in vitamin C and beta carotene ( which is converted into vitamin A in the body ). These antioxidants help protect the body by, neutralizing, free radicals, which is harmful oxygen molecules that naturally accumulate in the body and cause cell damage. Using your intake of antioxidant vitamins, researches believe, may help prevent damage that can lead to cancer, heart disease, stroke, arthritis and a weaken immune system.
Rub away pain with capsaicin powder in a cream that you can make use a little at a time until you get the strength as where it is not,or burns the skin uncomfortable , do not apply the cream within 2 hours of a bath or shower, heat increases the cream effect, thus causing more pain. Your skin may burn a few days as it gets used to the cream. The cream will start working in about 2 weeks.
For colds and flu try a few drops of Tabasco sauce in chick soup.


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