Herb of the Day: Currants

A great source of vitamin C, and fiber

Aids with: protection against cancer, reduce cholesterol, lower risk for heart disease, prevents constipation

The British adore currant jams and jellies, and the French favor black currant liqueur. The Americans delighted in fresh currants as well as the jellies, jams, and sauces until the 1960’s when the U S Department of Agriculture banned the cultivation of the shrubs. The currant shrubs, they said, harbored a fungus that was destroying white pines. Thus even through the ban was lifted in the 1960’s, the currants never really mad a comeback. What a pity, they are a attracted shrub, a superb source of vitamin C and fiber. containing a powerful cancer fighting potential. A half of cup of black currant has 101 milligrams of vitamin C, the big news is the berries contain a compound called, ellagic acid, which shows promise for stopping cancer before it starts.
Ellagic acid, a member of a disease fighting family of compounds known as polyphenols,raspberries, grapes, and strawberries contain this also. Ellagic acid, shown to prove to be a powerful antitioxidant, meaning that it helps neutralize, free radicals, harmful oxygen molecules that are missing electrons. Free radicals try to replace their missing electrons by taking electrons from healthy cells, causing cellular changes that can lead to cancer. Ellagic acid also shown to block the effects of cancer causing chemicals in the body at the same time that it stimulates the activity of enzymes that fight cancer growth. This two pronged approach makes this compound a powerful ally for blocking cancer.


One thought on “Herb of the Day: Currants

  1. Nice to read of the important health benefits of eating currants. We too in India believe in having currants daily. We soak 4 to 6 black currants in a little water in a container overnight. Along with it we add an equal quantity of almonds. Next day early morning we eat it on empty stomachs for maximum benefits.

    Cheers & have a lovely day!

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