Education: Food we eat

Since nearly every fruit, vegetable, grain and legume tested contains phytochemicals, it is very unlikely that all of these beneficial compounds will be identified anytime soon. While some manufacturers are producing concentrates of known phytochemicals, it is impossible to get their full benefits in supplement form. By eating a diet that includes generous amounts of a wide variety of fresh produce is still the best way to ensure us we are getting the fullest possible range of phytochemicals and the balance that nature intended us to have.
As well as our water today, we are told to drink 6 t0 8 glasses of water a day. Yes we do need to because water is more important of life’s essential processes than any other substance we know of. Most municipal water supplies does destroy waterborne bacterial, including the bacteria that cause typhoid fever, cholera, and dysentery, by using Chlorine. But Chlorine destroys vitamin E, injures red blood cells, damages their ability to carry life giving oxygen where it is needed.Research has linked chlorine based chemicals to certain forms of cancer, as well as infertility and other reproductive problems. So try to use a a good filter for your drinking water.


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